My Handid Christmas

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Corn and Crows Fixins

Sold Out- thank you!!

Corn & Crows Fixins!
Perfect for Fall- cinnamon sticks. whole cloves, dried apple, dried orange peel, wax dipped corn slices and black was crows.
2 cups in a cello bag- ( 2 corn slices and 6 crows).
4.50 per bag plus shipp

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olde St. Nick

This cupboard tuck is very prim and early looking. Santa is dressed in
an old brown coat and the pine tree is tall, wispy and willowy.
It measures 6" wide x 5 " high , is lumpy stuffed and heavily coffee dyed.
22.00 plus 3.00 shipping
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Grungy Olde Pumpkins

SOld- thank you!!
Grungy Olde Pumpkins 2 small that are 2' x 2 1/4" 1 Large that is 6" x 4 1/2" Painted, stained, baked 12.50 for the set plus shipping

Made of heavy weight gold and black plaid homespun fabric- the applique
on the towel is made from quilt shop fabric and features black cats,
jack o' lanterns and candy corn. The towel is a nice big size- 20" x 27" 5.00 each plus 3.00 shipping

Halloween Towel
The towel is made from heavy weight orange striped homespun with a band of yellow stars and yellow moons on a black background. A big towel measures- 20" x 27"
5.00 plus 3.00 shipping
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SOLD- Thank you!
1818 Grungy Pumpkins Tuck
measure 5 " w x 4 " h- orange, dk Brown and moss green floss used- coffee dyed and baked.
15.00 plus 3.50 shipping

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

1818 Harvest Cupboard Tuck

Sold- thank you!!
6 1/2" w x 5 " h 8.50 plus 3.50 shipping
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Witchy Prunella Makedo
Old hag witch mounted on a black candlestick. 16 1/2 " tall.
12.50 plus shipping

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Camdy Corn Mat

Candy Corn mat- 9 " on diameter- made from felt and backed with homespun. Currently one available. 6.50 plus shipping
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