My Handid Christmas

Monday, March 24, 2014

Olde Prairie Candle Board

Tonight I decided to try a new prim prairie project. I had read directions to weather wood and was skeptical but it worked! I also had never grubbied tea lights before but it too was successful!
Here is the before picture

 and here is the after

 I really love how this turned out! I am rather proud of myself!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Goodes for Sale

Olde Rooster Hornbook
Punchneedle Rooster in a heart shape mounted an a painted, stained, sanded black hornbook. Not as bright a shown.
Horn book is approx. 8 1/2" h x 6 1/2" w- punchneedle piece is 4 3/4" w x 5 " h.
50.00 plus shipping
Olde Bunny Punchneedle
                Done in pastels for Spring .Bunny in the middle, pennies on the left side, tongues on the right side.
Blue tulip on top of bunny and pink tulip below bunny.
 Measures 5 1/4" x 5 3/4 ".
36.00 plus shipping

Backed with coffee dyed old sage green wool

1802 Prairie Bunnies Cupboard Tuck

A trio of sweet looking antique bunnies for Spring!
Stitched on 28 ct even weave and coffee dyed for aging.
4 ½” w x 2 ¾” h
24.00 plus 5.95 shipping

Olde Bunny Needlepunch
Olde buuny with water color effect background- edged with fluffy, bumpy yarn-mounted on Rusty candle pan with 4 legs.
Design 4" x 4 1/4" Candle pan 5 1/8 " x 5 1/8 "
Darker than shown.
32.50 plus shipping

                                                   Sarah's Prairie Hen Pioneer Hooked Pillow

Sarah's Prairie Hen Pioneer Hooked Pillow
Sarah was born in 1838 and raised on the Illinois prairie.

As a small child she loved the prairie chickens that flocked around the cabin. Her mother Anna made her a pillow with a prairie chicken on it. Anna had to make do with what wool scraps she had.
Sarah carried it so much she wore out a corner and part of the side so Anna used old an old brown scrap od yarn to patch it.

Sarah's prairie chicken can be your's for 38.00 plus 5.95 priority mail shipping

Home Sweet Home Cabin Tuck

 This cupboard tuck is so wonderful! Features a cabin and blue quilt motifs- absolutely prim perfect.
Stitched even weave fabric and aged with coffee then lumpy stuffed for that authentic look.
Measures 5"h x 4 " wide
36.00 plus 5.95 Priority shipping

   Order by email:                                        

Friday, March 14, 2014

Olde Primtive Peddler Update

Don't forget Olde Primitive Peddler updates tonight at 11:01 P M Central time!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Tart Sampler

Tart Sampler
2- Olde Farmhouse Kitchen
2- Colonial Mulled Cider
2- Hillbilly Homebrew
2-Cranberry Cabin
2- Olde Dough Bowl ( Sugar Cookie)
2-Olde Colonial Inn ( Chestnuts and Brown Sugar)
10.00 plus 5.95 Priority mail shippinh

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green kitchen- ugh!

This is the kitchen in the home we are buying. I really don't get why someone would paint a kitchen this shade of green! It will be definitely be getting new paint! This will be my prim kitchen- finally!
I do like all of the cabinets though!