My Handid Christmas

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baked in a Pie Tarts!!

Baked in a Pie Tarts!!Only two blackbirds baked in these pies instead of four and twenty but they turned our so cute!They are a big 2 oz tart ( if you have a small tart melter you will want to cut these in half).These also look great in a trencher or old dough bowl!!Choose from:
Olde Crow Bakery
Dried Cracked Cinnamon
1627 Spice Cupboard
New England Colonial Kitchen
Colonial Mulled Cider
Pumpkin Hollow.
2.50 per tart plus shipping ( shipping will be combined for multiple tart orders)
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Sneak Peak!!

As many of you may know I am writing a book about my ggg grandmother Anna who was a true pioneer woman.
I have finally gotten chapter 18 almost completed. While I was working on it tonight I thought I would share a small exerpt with you!

On May first Lod hitched up the buggy for the trip to see Nancy in Whiteside County.
It was a wonderful day for a trip in the buggy! The sun was shining and a soft breeze was rippling the long green prairie grass. The prairie phlox were in bloom and Anna could smell the sweet scent of the wild Lilac bushes. She could hear the meadow larks singing in the trees. She was so happy that she would soon see Nancy again and her husband Earl.
She had worn her newest dress, a soft pink calico with tiny white flowers and her new pink silk poke bonnet that J. W. and Mary had given her for Christmas.

They traveled the new dirt road and it was so much smoother than driving over wild prairie land.
In Princeton they stopped at the local hotel to have some lunch.
They ate fried chicken and potato pancakes that had fresh Spring onions in them. Anna and Lod both poured home made maple syrup over the potato pancakes.
What a treat that was!

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New!! Olde Crow Bakery Pie Tarts!!

Our newest tarts are just sooo prim!!
They are a big 2 oz tart with an old black crow!( if you have a small tart melter you will want to cut these in half).
These also look great in a trencher or old dough bowl!!
What scents do they come in you ask? Why Olde Crow Bakery of course!! and Dried Cracked Cinnamon, 1627 Spice Cupboard, and Pumpkin Hollow.
2.50 per tart plus shipping ( shipping will be combined for multiple tart orders)
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Quilt Top- needs to go!

Sold! Thank you! I discovered this quilt top when we moved into my husband's grandparents house 10 years ago.
It was made by my husband's grandmother. She passed away in 1974 so it is at least 38 years old.
The pattern has 6 point stars and it looks like to me that it is a scrap quilt form 1930's-1940's fabrics.
I had planned on finishing it but after 10 years I have to admit I will never do that.
It is unfinished but what is done is 80" wide x 84" long. A few of the solid green blocks have some light discoloration- it may be permanent but may not- a good washing may cure that.
I have not done so as I do not have the specila sopa neede to wash it in.
I am asking 30.00 for this top, plus 6.50 shipping
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

1802 Bunnies Cupboard Tuck

SOLD_ ThankYou!!
These olde bunnies are ready for Spring!
The tuck was stitched on 18 ct khaki davosa in rusty brown floss, backed in old cream wool and, the whole tuck was heavily coffee dyed and baked.
Measures 5 " w x 4 " h.
15.00 plus 3.50 shipping
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Calico Bird Pinkeep

I love how this turned out- the base is a tin can painted a reddish brown, the pincushion is coffee dyed muslin, and the bird is made from a repro cream and soft red calico- there is a label on the can that says "Pinkeep".
12.00 plus 5.25 shipping
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Prairie Prim Hearts are Finished!!

Three primitive Valentine hearts!!
The red is a darker deeper red than they appear- they are backed in deep red fleece- they have been coffee dyed and baked to prim perfection!
Each heart is 4 1/4 " wide x 5 1/2" long.
They look great in a trencher or old dough bowl or displayed on a mantle or cupboard.
20.00 set/3 plus 5.50 shipping
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Old Prairie Prim Valentine Hearts

actually heart- I still have to stuff the other two hearts- hope to have them done and listed today!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SOLD- Thank you!
This little pinkeep is so prim and sweet! Perfect for your Spring/ Easter decorating!
It will look great tucked in an old cupboard or in a trencher with a bunny and some eggs!
Approx. 2" x 5" lumpy stuffed and coffee dyed and baked.
14.00 plus 3.00 shipping
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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year- New Goodes!!

SOLD- Thank you!Cora Aber Sampler CupboardTuck Cora Aber was born in 1869 in Mc Donough County Illinois. She lived on the open prairie until she was 20 years old when she traveled by covered wagon to Indian Territory , Oklahoma. She met and married Henry McLish a half blood Chicasaw Indian.
After having 5 children and several grandchildren she passed away in Oklahoma in 1921.
This sampler is a tribute to her and is stitched as authentically as I could including the not so perfect border on the right hand side- much as a 10 year old would have stitched it.
It measures 5"w x 6"h and is backed with old blue wool and heavily coffee dyed.
10.00 plus 3.50 shipping
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Mariah Benson's Spring Cupboard Pillow

Mariah Benson lived in Colonial Massachusettes and married a man by the name of Edward Bumpus.

Cross stitching would have been learned by her at a very early age.
The piece is stitched on 28 ct linen and backed with old blue wool.
Measures 8"w x 6"h
28.00 plus 3.50 shipping
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Sarah Jones Sampler Pillow
Sarah Jones was born in 1838 and lived all of her life on the prairie country.
She married in Yorktown, Illinois and gave birth to 4 children- one of them died in infancy.
In her later years she owned and operated her own sawmill
Sarah passed away in 1931 in the small prairie town of Tampico, IL.
The pillow is 9 1/2 " w x 9 1/2" h
It is backed with old blue wool fabric and the entire pillow has been coffee dyed.
35.00 plus 6.00 shipping
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back and Moving Forward

2011 was filled with many hardships for me- mostly in the form of serious medical problems for my family and myself. It also was filled with joy that my husband and son are still alive and doing fairly well. I was afflicted with some type of arthritic, rheumatic disorder that has yet to be properly diagnosed. It has been going on since September - I can endure the pain but it's constant presence is annoying. I hope that in 2012 they will finally diagnose it and treat it properly.
I have resolved to be more efficient, to live greener and eat healthier, and possibly to make some other major changes on my life.
I am not usually very good at keeping New Year's resolutions but maybe this will be the year that I do- if you made some I hope that you can keep yours too!
Best wishes for the new year to all of you!

Happy New Year!

May 2012 bring you good health, prosperity and, happiness.