My Handid Christmas

Monday, August 30, 2010

Olde Settler's Blue Prairie Bonett

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Prairie Bonnets were an essential part of the prairie wardrobe even for little girls.

The brims kept the sun off of their faces and the long skirt of the bonnet kept their necks from getting sun and windburned. This child's bonnet is made from a quilt shop reproduction calico fabric in olde settler's blue color. It has been coffee dyed and baked to give it that old and worn look. It is 18 " long.
19.50 plus shipping
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grungy Primitive Ole Punkinhead!

SOLD! Thank You!
Oh so sweet, plain and primitive!
Ole Punkinhead is made from muslin that has been painted, baked, sanded and rubbed with cinnamon.
His witch hat is made from white on white fabric that has been painted black, sanded and grungied up with cinnamon.
His eyes and nose are stitched on pieces of stained osnaburg and his mouth is hand stitched.
He is 15" tall and 6 " wide.
He will make the perfect addition to your Fall/Halloween decor.
15.00 plus traveling fee
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New! Prim Small Flattie Pumpkins Bowl Fillers!!

SOLD! Thank You! This set of flatties are great as bowl fillers- or use them to fill in a spot the needs a little something.
They are a set of 6 flat pumpkins- the black ones are made from a white on white cotton calico print that has been painted black- baked- sanded- coffee dyed and sprinkled with cinnamon. The white ones have been coffee dyed- sprinkles with cinnamon and baked- the orange ones have been painted- sanded- baked and sprinkled with cinnamon.
They measure 2" in diameter, have moss and a real stick stem on the top.

They are currently for sale on Ebay- use the link button for my auctions on the right.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grungy Grubby Wrinkled Old Witch Hats!!


These Witch Hat's turned out so prim!
They are grubbied and grungied with coffee, cinnamon, and all spice and the brim is wrinkled to make it look old & prim! They have grubbied cheesecloth hat bands & a sprig of Sweet Annie too! Thes are fairly big approximately 4" x 4".They will look great in your old dough bowl or trencher or group them on top of an old cupboard or shelf- or use them seperately where ever you need to fill in a spot!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prim Flattie Pumpkins!!

SOLD ! Thank You!

The orange flattie has been painted, sanded coffee dyed and rubbed with cinnamon. the two white flatties have been coffee dyed and rubbed with cinnamon.
They are not quite as bright as shown. The big pumpkin is 7" wide and 1 1/2" high, the two smaller ones are 5" wide and 1 1/2" high/ These are great to dislay on a shelf, in a trencher or old dough bowl. or in your old cupboard.
18.00 plus shipping
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Early Look Wax Dipped Harvest Corn

SOLD OUT! Thank You!!
I will add more if it is available soon.

I love the way these turned out!
This Harvest Corn has been dipped in highly scented wax.
It makes a great Early Look bowl filler but looks great hanging from a peg too!
Scented in Cinnamon Stick.
7.00 plus traveling fee
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Grungy Pear & Crab Apples Bowl Fillers

I just love the look of grungy prim friut to display!
The pear is made from muslin and has been coffe dyed and bakes- measures 3 1/3 " long. The two crab apples were made from muslin painted with cinnamon and spice, coffee mix then baked. They were then painted and rubbed with cinnamon and baked again-( they arae not quite as bright as they are in the photo). They measure 2 " high.
10.50 plus 3.50 traveling fee
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Early Look Prim Fall Dried Corn Cobs - Bowl Fillers

SOLD! Thank You!
Will post more if I can get them!

Great for primitive early look bowl fillers!
They are currently on Ebay

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Fall Harvest Dried Strawberry Pocorn

SOLD Out! Thank You!!
I will be adding more if it is available.
I have 2 bundles of strawberry popcorn for sale- this corn is not dipped like it was last year- just dried- it will come in 2 bundles of three ears. It looks great in a trencher or a bowl like is pictured here or hanging from a peg.
4.50 plus 2.50 shipping

Sunday, August 8, 2010

U Finish Pumpkin Man Stitchery

SOLD- Thank You!
This is a stitchery that you can finish into a pillow with or without fabric borders or it can be framed- the stitched area is 5x7 and the entire piece is 8x10.
The border, lettering , cat and, his pants are stitched in black, the stars are dk. gold, as is his shirt, the sides are dk orange at the top & bottom and the center is dk. gold. The entire piece has been coffee dyed and baked.