My Handid Christmas

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Antique Baby Shoes!!

I put off making these baby shoes for years! because I thought they looked to difficult to do. Then a very dear friend talked me in to making them. I am so glad that she did!

I first made one shoe & turned into a pinkeep.

I like mine darker like the pinkeep but the pair is for my friend and she wanted her's just coffee dyed. I am sure I will be making more of these in the future so stay tuned!!


  1. I think I have a pattern like that somewhere. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make them either, I thought they would be hard. But yours look great, I might dig out that pattern and try it after all.

  2. You should try it Sandy!
    It is a little tricky but if you need help just email me!!

  3. They look amazing, like you've been making them for years!


  4. Hi Deb....when I first saw the picture of the little shoes I thought they were actually real and grubbed up...FABULOUS JOB!