My Handid Christmas

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frost on the Pumpkins!

These prim pumpkins would look great displayed on an old wood table or in a latge trencher!
There are six total pumpkins- 4 orange and two white- since they are all handmade and handpainted the color of each pumpkin varies- just like real pumpkins in a patch do!
They are lightly glittered(doesn't show in the pic but it is there) to resemble early morning frost.
The leaves are made from an avacado green felted material and the pumpkins are made from coffee stained & painted muslin that is grunged with cinnamon & all spice with twig stems.
They range in size from 3"- 10" the largest white pumpkin has a big old, grungy crow!
They can be used as a set as shown or the large pumpkins can be displayed by themselves and the three small ones can too- giving you two seperate displays!
35.00 plus shipping
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  1. I just totally love those and think they would be heirloom decorations!