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Monday, August 30, 2010

Olde Settler's Blue Prairie Bonett

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Prairie Bonnets were an essential part of the prairie wardrobe even for little girls.

The brims kept the sun off of their faces and the long skirt of the bonnet kept their necks from getting sun and windburned. This child's bonnet is made from a quilt shop reproduction calico fabric in olde settler's blue color. It has been coffee dyed and baked to give it that old and worn look. It is 18 " long.
19.50 plus shipping
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  1. It is lovely, Debra... I just made one but I need to coffee dye it and bake it...
    You do such wonderful work...
    God bless....
    Primitive Lace

  2. That is a very kewl bonnet!, I love the frost on the pumkins too , you have so much great prim things on here! Wish that we could all have a prim show together!

  3. Thanks Jeanie! A show together would be great!!