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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Soap is Ready!!

The soap has finally cured!
Our soap has a creamy rich lather and wonderful skin softening properties!
All of our soaps are made with shea butter, olive oil and real cream.
 They are handmade and handcut for that wonderfully prim look!
 Currently we have three scents:
                                                                 Pink Sugar
                                                 Refresh- a wonderful cool and refreshing Lime scent
                                                 Great to wake you up and get you moving! or to use after
                                                  outdoor activities when it hot and sticky outside!

                                                         Lavender- a  very true Lavender scent-                                                          Lavender has very soothing and relaxing properties
Go ahead! Pamper yourself!!

 5.00 per bar plus 2.50 shipping
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