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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Quilt Top- needs to go!

Sold! Thank you! I discovered this quilt top when we moved into my husband's grandparents house 10 years ago.
It was made by my husband's grandmother. She passed away in 1974 so it is at least 38 years old.
The pattern has 6 point stars and it looks like to me that it is a scrap quilt form 1930's-1940's fabrics.
I had planned on finishing it but after 10 years I have to admit I will never do that.
It is unfinished but what is done is 80" wide x 84" long. A few of the solid green blocks have some light discoloration- it may be permanent but may not- a good washing may cure that.
I have not done so as I do not have the specila sopa neede to wash it in.
I am asking 30.00 for this top, plus 6.50 shipping
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  1. Hi, Debra - the quilt is so pretty. You could make some cute things from it. I like the
    vintage 30's fabrics.